About us

Bold steps for Equality

Welcome To United Vision

United Vision exists to fight against trends and tendencies that relegate the woman and girl child to the background, denying her the right to reach her full potential. We do this by addressing their sexual and reproductive health needs, ending gender-based violence and giving adolescents and young people control over their own bodies through information and education.

  • Why Young People

    All young people around the world, regardless of their religion or culture, have sexual and reproductive rights. But too often there are no youth-friendly services and young people are prevented from accessing those that are available. Improving the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of young people, women and vulnerable groups is where we play a leading role. We believe in Open, Honest Sexuality Education for all.

  • Help & Support

    We create an enabling environment that accepts adolescent SRHR and increases community support for sexuality education and youth-friendly SRH services through community sensitization, participation and mobilization.

Become A volunteer

We very strongly believe in investing in our volunteer workforce and have developed a supportive and comprehensive recruitment, induction and training program. We are comprised of talented, committed people ranging from program officers to peer educators, volunteers and interns. Each individual contributes his or her unique personality and skills to further our work, creating a dynamic environment in which positive change can take place. Whether you want to give something back to the community, learn a new skill, meet new people or all of the above, United Vision has a volunteer opportunity for you!

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