My Body My Rights

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    What’s at stake?

    In Cameroon 141 out of 1000 girls aged 15-19 have been pregnant at least once and HIV still stands at 5%. Coupled with cultural barriers which limit parental engagement in the sexuality education of their children, the 35% increase in Adolescent HIV deaths in 2015 and the lack of Comprehensive Sexuality Education in schools, adolescents and young people deserve access to open, honest sexuality education. They however face huge barriers to accessing information, education &services which are generated by negative social norms. The larger consequence is that they make uninformed decisions, access clandestine services such as unsafe abortion which is punishable by law while still lacking the necessary sexual and reproductive health services they so badly need.

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    What are we doing?

    “My Body My Rights” is empowering young people especially young adolescent girls in secondary schools in Mamfe with the knowledge and tools necessary to guide them in making informed and healthy choices concerning their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) through Peer Education, Theatre and the Arts.

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    This is an ongoing project with regular updates on social media. Hop on to www.facebook.com/uvcameroon to check out what we’ve been up to lately.