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    What is it all about?

    Where do young people go to for sexual health advice, education, information or services? In Cameroon as in the rest of Africa, the answer is a definite “Not sure”. Sex is still sort of a taboo, depriving young people especially young and adolescent girls of basic vital information which they need to make informed choices about their sexual health and their own bodies. However, Information and Communication Technology is an under-utilized tool when it comes to sexuality education, information and service provision in Africa and Cameroon. With just a tap of the phone, young people can gain access to a gold mine of constructive information about their sexual health. We have developed the first mobile application and SMS service of its kind in Cameroon called Ndolo360 which provides open, honest and judgement-free education, information and services on sexual health to teenagers, adolescents and young people who need it the most across Cameroon and sub-Saharan Africa.

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    Want to know more?

    See more at www.ndolo360.org